Tom Wood

“My philosophy is to help and motivate you to exceed your goals and produce RESULTS and educating you through the process to ensure long term success”

From the ages of 13-18 years old I was part of the Blackpool FC academy and this is where my passion for health and fitness really started to develop. When my time at Blackpool FC came to an end I focused my attention on one of my specialised areas which is “Athlete and Sport Development”. This can range from amateur to semi-professional and even professional athletes to guide them to the next level of their development.

My other specialised areas are: Hypertrophy Training, Fat Loss and Exercise Referral.

Through my role as a Personal Trainer/Performance Coach and my time at university studying for my BSc Degree in Sports Coaching I gained the knowledge to ensure that my clients achieve the goals they had set for themselves.

I believe in educating my clients through explaining every detail, whether that be in training or nutrition to further their own knowledge and understanding that will promote long term results. I do this through further developing my knowledge and researching other methods of training to allow me to produce the highest level of personal training that I can offer my clients.

We are in this journey together and you will have my continuous support and encouragement.

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