Liam Duffy

Now is the time to unlock your inner athlete, don’t waste any more time!

With my coaching techniques and habits, I will work with you to attain the results you want, and the results I know you can achieve with 100% effort and commitment from us both.

I pride myself on using the knowledge and expertise I have gained over the last 6 years to support all my clients to surpass attainable goals and exceeding the expectations my clients have of the ‘average performance coach or personal trainer’. I only provide the highest quality of coaching and commit fully to planning and delivering the best individualised and innovative sessions for all my clients.

I specialise in two areas of health and fitness. The first is working with those who aspire to achieve a long-term goal and wish to sustain that change. At PT360, we help you to achieve this by using my extensive nutritional knowledge and expertise in exercise selection and programming. The second area is ‘athlete and sport development’, this ranges from someone completing their first marathon, through to professional sports men and women who wish to enhance and ‘fine tune’ their already high level of athleticism. Using the industries latest research methods on increasing flexibility, mobility, strength, speed and overall performance, you will see significant results.

With me as your performance coach you WILL achieve more than you ever thought possible and you WILL unlock your inner athlete.

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