Let’s be honest – how many of you have took the attitude of – ‘fuck it’ – when it comes to getting holiday-ready? Probably all of us right? But, how do we minimise the impact?

How do we enjoy the weeks prior to our holiday, but still look in damn good shape when we hit the pool?

Firstly, are you tracking calories or logging food in anyway shape or form? No, first problem! If you don’t know what you’re putting in you’ve got no chance of succeeding. This doesn’t have to be using MFP or any other form of app. If you have an understanding of what food you eat, you can understand where you can make small sustainable changes to your *DIET* to get the results you want!

*DIET* Your every day consumption of food, we all have a diet. If we choose to restrict our said diet, that is a calorie restricted diet. So if any of you reading this email are within earshot of myself and I hear you utter the words “I’m going on a diet” I’m going to stick my foot up your arse!

Secondly, have you or can you increase your output to use more calories daily. Most people track/monitor steps and movement via watches/fitbits/phones etc so you should be able to see your movement fairly easily. If you don’t or can’t track just make little notes of your movement throughout the day/week/month. What to do next? Increase that movement… Pretty simple, but really effective.

Last little point, find something new or challenging to do that will give you the last little kick up the arse you might need to, A. Look shit hot on holiday and B. Minimise the changes you’ll see when you get back from your holiday.

If I can help or you want something a little more in depth, don’t be shy! Contact me today and we can talk more about your situation and how I can help get you in the best possible condition for that beach!

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