Being a Personal Trainer in Altrincham, we come across many different people, who are looking to achieve many different goals – from fat loss to building more muscle and everything in between.

But, how does having a personal trainer in cheshire help you reach your goals? What do they actually do? We hear these questions a lot:

“What will a personal trainer do differently that I cannot do for myself?”

So, today I’m going to give you 9 ways a personal trainer can help you reach your goals. This way, you will know the answers before you step foot into the gym! Win-Win.

What are we waiting for…


We know our stuff!

Let’s start with the most obvious – education. At PT360, our trainers have spent many years studying the body, mind, health and fitness. So, with this being said, we know the exact techniques you need to reach your goals.

Over the years, we have had many people come to us asking what they’re doing wrong, why they just can’t seem to shift that damn holiday weight.

The reason you aren’t reaching your goals is because you aren’t educated enough. Which is where we come in. At PT360, we don’t just give you a diet plan or a fitness program and say “Use this!” – we educate you. This way, you can make your new health kick your lifestyle and keep improving everyday.

You avoid injury.

Following up from the educational side, having a local personal trainer will help you do the correct exercises in the correct form.

Everyday, we see people in the Altrincham gym performing exercises incorrectly. Not only is it not helping them achieve their goals, it’s also giving them a huge risk in getting injured!

Injuries not only keep you out of the gym for a while, they can also be life-changing. When you tear ligaments or injure your back/neck, it doesn’t just heal from a couple of days on the sofa with a hot chocolate. No. It takes time and – in some cases – require surgery.

Why risk your body? We are experts in perfecting your form, which means you will get results at maximum speed as well as avoid injuring yourself.


We can help with specific goals.

Let’s face it, everybody is different. Some wish to lose fat but are nervous of the gym, others wish to bulk up like the hulk and compete. We all have different goals and this means one thing, we all have unique requirements.

As personal trainers in altrincham, we see different clients with totally different requirements every single day. It’s not only our job to help you smash your targets, it’s also our job to ensure you’re comfortable with what you’re doing.

With each client, we create a new program – totally unique to them. This way we cater for your specific needs. Nobody is the same. You need something that will maximise you!


They Help You Set Realistic Goals

When it comes to your goals and targets, everybody wants to achieve them fast – like yesterday fast! Whether it’s lose weight for an upcoming wedding or build muscle for the beach, we all want it now! It’s just our nature.

Some “Trainers” (we use this phrase reluctantly!) will tell you that losing 14lbs of fat in 30 days is doable…if you use them and them only. Then, once the 30 days have passed, you will realise it’s a bigger task than you thought, and if you don’t hit them then you may be discouraged and backslide.

At PT360, we are realists. If you come to use with a goal of losing 14lbs in 14 days – we will tell you the truth. It’s impossible. Well, at least without surgery!

What we will do, however, is show you how to lose the weight safely and lose it for good. Remember, this isn’t just a fad diet or get ripped quick program. We give you a lifestyle change that will make you more happy, confident and healthy forever.


They Can Help With Specific Goals, Such As Training For An Event

As well as helping their clients set realistic goals, Personal Trainers are the perfect tool to help you achieve a specific goal. This is ideal for those who are training for a specific event, or need to achieve a certain level of fitness before they are able to do something they really want.

For example, if you have a bucket list with ‘Skydiving’ on it but are over the maximum weight, then hiring a Personal Trainer to assist with helping you lose weight is a great start to achieving this goal. Or if your goal is to be able to run a marathon in six months, then hiring a Personal Trainer to put you on the right track could be all you need to complete a marathon.


They Hold You Accountable

Let’s take a second to be honest. How many times have you said to yourself you’re going to the gym tomorrow and not gone? How many times have you told yourself “The diet starts on Monday!” and then it’s Tuesday and you’re eating a takeaway?

Don’t worry, it happens all the time – we’ve all been there. But, this is where your personal trainer can help. At PT360, we are critical to ensuring that you commit and stick to your fitness goals and health program.

If you have a personal training session tomorrow, then you are far more likely to go than if you are just telling yourself you will go gym alone.

A personal trainer brings you discipline and will make them workouts a part of your daily routine.


No more wasting time!

When it comes to gym-goers, there are two types of people:

1) Those who walk in, spend 10 minutes on one machine and then slowly make their way to the next, before pushing out 5 bicep curls and then leaving.

2) Those who have a plan in mind, and go with a purpose. They generally have a set amount of reps they do in sets of two or three, and they’ll know exactly what they’re doing on each machine.

Honestly, which one are you? If you feel it’s the first one, then it’s time to get a personal trainer, who can help change your mindset and give you a program you can follow. What’s the point in going to the gym 3 times a week, if you aren’t actually progressing?

If you want results, then we can help.


They Improve Your Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Scientific studies have shown that physical exercise can help with mental health issues such as depression, and that it is a recommended part of treatment by many medical health professionals.

Having a Personal Trainer to help with your exercise plan when you suffer from mental health problems can help with motivation, with choosing the right exercises to release the most endorphins, and also just to finally have somebody who can help.

As mentioned earlier, everybody is different and we are more than happy to sit with you and talk about your goals.


We become your new best friend!

And finally, probably the most important benefit – we become your new best friend! When you exercise with your Personal Trainer, you will be telling them about your week, how work is going, how the date went on Saturday night, and everything in between. It’s just normal!

As I’ve mentioned a few times in this article, we aren’t just the stereotypical trainers, who are here to turn you into bodybuilding beasts! We are here to help you improve your overall wellbeing and make you happy with both your body and your mindset.

If you’re stressed, tell us all about it. We want to know as we can then workout how to help improve this. Maybe we need to change your diet plan to bring you more energy etc.  

There are many ways a personal trainer can benefit you.

Feel like you’re ready to get started? Simply fill out this form and we will contact you to discuss your goals and how we can help.

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